The Sadist of Regn

The broadcasting started at 0845 of the 25 of October 3029 at the Galactic Police Station, Terranova Office. Cries of “Justice!” were heard in different languages from the Main Hall, flooded with relatives, spectators and journalists from several galaxies. The event was being displayed on the main news channels of the Universe. Since his apprehension […]

Festive Protests

Having a random conversation with a friend, a worrying thought popped into my head. My friend said: “I don’t feel proud to be gay, it’s a curse! I wish I was straight, getting married, have kids, have a regular life… But no! I had to be a faggot!” After being in three Pride parades in […]

Let’s remember a couple of things…

I’ve been in Sweden for more than 5 months now and it feels… strange. Fine, but weird. I’m writing this post while a freaking Siberian wind wave is slapping the crap out of Sweden, so I’ve been “captive” at home today to do a lot of thinking on lessons and challenges that are about to […]

Am I really me?

Many people warned me about how strange and somehow difficult a life in a new land would be. Not because of the land itself, relevant as it is, but for the changes in our lives, deep within us, touching and grabbing the roots of our own selves. Whoever says s/he has already found the true […]

Sweden: Two months already?

Ever since I was a little kid, back in my days in the military school (yes, believe it), I explored the wonders of learning, understanding and communicating in a different language. Mariah Carey, Michael Jackson, Donna Summer, Ace of Base, among others, developed an incredible world in my ears. Friends eventually joined. I remember my […]