The Sadist of Regn

The broadcasting started at 0845 of the 25 of October 3029 at the Galactic Police Station, Terranova Office. Cries of “Justice!” were heard in different languages from the Main Hall, flooded with relatives, spectators and journalists from several galaxies. The event was being displayed on the main news channels of the Universe. Since his apprehension at a bullet-subway stop of Antigua Spain, it was the first time that the bynamed “Sadist of Regn” was shown in public.

  • When did you see Mik for the first time? – Detective Ojiu continued the interrogation. His voice was distorted by an anti-environment mask.
  • Two weeks ago. – the accused answered offhandedly, flawlessly speaking the Terranovan language.
  • What did you do when you saw him?
  • I followed him … – He paused. – I followed him for a moment…
  • “For a moment”? What did you do next?
  • I returned home. Kat was waiting for me. – he said with a shadowed look.
  • You mean the other victim?
  • Yes … – he said, confused. The spectators were outraged.
  • We’ll be back to Kat later. How did you contact Mik? – A drop of sweat crawled down the detective’s back.
  • I was alone at the bullet-subway stop … – he replied. His golden eyes shone dimly.

Photographs of Mik and Kat were displayed all over the main planetary metropolis. Their lifeless bodies, found in the residence of the Sadist, lacked their genitalia.

  • When did this contact happen?
  • A Terranovan year ago.
  • When was the last time you saw him alive? – the Sadist frowned, ignoring the question. – When it was?! – Ojiu stressed.

His long dark hair, fluttering without gravity, twitched in a spasm. The rough reddish skin of his arms bristled. His cold, mournful eyes turned into radiant cyan color.

  • It’s not important! – he said in a dark, thunderous whisper. – It’s useless now… – he added, using a defeated tone and tightening his sharp jaw.
  • Was it a week ago? – Ojiu took advantage, adjusting his mask nervously.

The pores of the Sadist, a native of the unexplored planet Regn, opened slowly to let out an invisible gas called mossa. Its aroma, recently discovered in Terranova, was like the petrichor. Whoever smelled it would experience sensations like those caused by the extinct Terranovan opioids. Large amounts of mossa residues were found in the victims’ corpses.

  • Yes … – he confirmed, returning to his shy posture and honey-like eyes.
  • What do you mean by “useless”? What was its purpose? – the detective finally asked, nervously squeezing his pen.

The eyelids of the spectators opened excessively, leaving the multiform eyeballs of the all the present races uncovered. They were both expectant and afraid. They felt the need to know the truth, but they did not wish to. The Sadist raised his head slightly, breathed through his tiny half-opened mouth and, as he spoke, he let out a frosty greenish breath:

  • To pluralize the sexuality of Terranova.

The headlines were updated with this sentence. Everyone looked at each other with a combination of confusion and fear.

  • What do you mean? – Ojiu inquired without hiding his dismay.

Silver tears, as bright as lightnings in a dark dawn, fragmented like mercury as they hit the long legs of the Sadist. His skin was bright.

  • My greatest desire was to get the Terranovans to have both genitals.

Ojiu recalled the archaic film ‘The Human Centipede’. The parents of the victims were mortified with the pain that their kids experienced for the mad intentions of a foreign murderer. With sincere and broken voice, the Sadist continued:

  • My intention was not to cause pain. I wanted to eliminate it …!

Billions of angry voices resonated in the Universe. The life taken away of the two Terranovans after that horrifying experiment caused repudiation and impotence. However, not even the most senior oracles of the Visdom Galaxy anticipated the consequences of the speech that the Sadist was about to utter. The accused began:

  • Little is known about me and my planet. We are an almost extinct race, away from most galaxies. Our knowledge of the universe is limited. I wanted to know more. I had never heard of Terranova. My people feared to visit it for that same ignorance. I gained courage and decided to come… But even before landing, Terranova weakened me. There was too much pain everywhere, always, all the time… I could feel the pain of others, I could experience the suffering of its inhabitants. It was… it’s an intense pain, I cannot describe it… – the Sadist cried. His crying was similar to a luminescent waterfall that highlighted his scaly face. – I could not control it, but somehow, I could trace its source. It was this… particular pain, a paint that the host received and absorbed. It was so aggresive… It burned my own soul! My body released mossa, desperately trying to mitigate that suffering.

Many felt pity. Others debated whether the pain he said he experienced was comparable to the suffering of the victims. Others did not understand.

  • That pain is the inability to love. Millions of Terranovans have been prevented from affection.

Boos and jeers invaded the Main Hall. The Sadist’s mental health was questioned.

  • AND ALL BECAUSE OF THEIR GENITALS! – the Sadist shouted resoundingly.

Ojiu’s skin bristled nervously. Spectators felt chills, still not understanding the sudden anger of the interrogated. He continued:

  • On no planet is affection punished as much as in Terranova. There is an irrational idea that a masculine being must be with a feminine one. I have seen thousands of with miserable lives because their souls shine for other men. I have helped thousands of women who are violated when they love other women… they get to be raped, or even forced to build lives with beings they feel disgusted about. I have felt how Terranova mocks many beings because their essences are born in the wrong bodies. What hope is there on this planet? – the Sadist lamented.

The Universe fell silent. Weeks before the interrogation, the Universal Statistical Institute revealed that at least 2 billion people from 340 planets had been killed by crimes linked to their sexes. Terranova topped the list.

  • In Regn there are no men or women. All Regnians are men and women. We do not experience pain because of it, it does not make sense…

The pain that Kat and Mik experienced made me weaker, much more so than the rest. It was unmanageable… – his eyes changed color like flashing neon lights. – Then I decided … I wanted to create a unique being, one with the sexes of these suffering people. A new plurisexual Terranovan race so that its inhabitants would not have any justification to perpetrate such crippling, deep sorrow … – he said, dizzy and exhausted.

The memories of fears and internalized phobias of millions of spectators and promoters of Univer-Racial Rights sprang up in an immense lamentation. By strenuously straining the chains of his handcuffs, the Sadist shouted, torturing himself for this sudden wave of collective despair. With a tired sigh, he dropped his head and fell into a swoon. The transmission was interrupted.

The “Sadist of Regn” passed out while being assisted by medical personnel. His real name is still unknown. Days after his death, scientists from the Vetenskap Galaxy found that the greenish and frosty breath that his body explled contained incredible healing properties. It was capable of creating cells of multiple races. This was baptized as pust, meaning “breath” in an old pre-Terranovan language. It is believed that the genitals of the victims could have been reconstructed using it. In a press release, the Terranovan Police Confederation reported finding evidence suggesting that the victims willingly agreed to participate in the experiment. The Intergalactic Intelligence Agency has tried to locate planet Regn, unsuccessfully. Years after the case, linguists from the Sprok Galaxy found and deciphered sections of an ancient Regnian statute that prohibited visiting Terranova, because “the chemical processes that result in unpleasant sensory experiences by Terranovan people deteriorate the Regnian vitality.”

The emerging pro-plurigenitalia movement, led by the Intergalactic Sexuality Association (INTERSEXA), has recruited militants from more than 150 planets. It is estimated that the number of active members totals 3 billion people, many of whom have successfully undergone surgical procedures called “multisex reassignment surgeries” in order to promote the Sadist’s purpose, and to honor his legacy. It is reported that crimes linked to sex decreased by 5% universally.

© Joshua Arteta

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